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Moved By Stories: Theater Opens Doors For Youth In Los Angeles

“I want to show these kids stories about their lives and to show them who they can be.”

We’re all moved by stories. They have the power to help us better understand the world and each other. Recently, we sat down with Theater Facility Manager Efrain…

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Empowering Our Community With Civics And Community Engagement Programs


Every one of us can contribute to building healthy communities.

At A Place Called Home, we’re providing civics and community engagement programs to empower youth and ensure that their voices are heard and included in the changes to come in our…

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New: The Transforming Power of Home

Kids just want to be kids. For that, they need safety and love.

Too many young people in South Central Los Angeles face poverty, danger and adversity that forces them to grow up way too fast.

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What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century?

All of us are on a journey.

For some, the path appears straight as an arrow from beginning to end. For most, it bends and curves. There are intersections and roadblocks. Sometimes, we may even hit what appears to be a dead-end.

That’s why, at A Place…

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Nurturing a Love for Learning

Have you ever watched a toddler explore a room or the beach or check out a new person? Amazing to witness the world through their new eyes, right? Research has shown that we are born with curiosity as a driving force to engage with the world around…

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A revolutionary act of self-love.

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You Are What You Eat

Originating nearly 200 years ago in France, this phrase became the rallying cry of the organic food movement in the United States in the 1960’s, and is more relevant than ever in the 21st century, with food being at the top of the… well, food chain in…

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We Shape The Future By How We Treat Our Children

We recently sat down with Dr. Yvonne Styles, our Chief of Staff and Senior Director of Counseling Services, to talk about the impact the APCH Counseling Center is making in our community:

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Seeing Is Believing


When our teens see their peers just ahead of them in college, they start believing it’s possible for them.

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“On the road again . . .” Taking Our Kids Out of Their Comfort Zones, and Expanding Their Horizons

Can you imagine ... living in a world of only a few square blocks? It would feel tiny. Not enough adventure or opportunity. It would be difficult to dream big for yourself, let alone actually experience the vastness and beauty in the world just…

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